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Demonstrate traceability, food safety, quality, social accountability & sustainability, throughout the seafood supply-chain

Business ChallengeS

The Seafood supply-chain is composed of fragmented suppliers from many countries. Many species associated with multiple production methods (fishing, farming, processing) make traceability, safety and quality complex. As consumption continues to increase, demand for seafood products from fisheries is high, but it is necessary to avoid overfishing and the destruction of marine ecosystems.

The rapid expansion of aquaculture presents challenges to water quality, pressures on the environment, accelerates disease transmission, and drives the need to assure safe feed whilst maintaining food safety.

In this context, retailers and restaurant chains, genuinely concerned about food safety, are now asking for evidence of the sustainability of their seafood supply.

A large network of seafood specialists

To meet this demand, Bureau Veritas has deployed a large network of seafood Inspectors, auditors and laboratories in more than 20 countries, and has sought and obtained accreditations for the following services:

  • Food safety and quality
  • Traceability
  • Environmental and marine resources
  • Social accountability  


Our range of certification services for aqua-culture & sea food  enables you to ensure food safety, quality, and traceability.  And certification programs such as BAP, ASC, MSC, MSC-ASC-COC help you demonstrate social responsibility across your production chain, taking care of the environment and also proves that you are respectful of all local and international standards. 

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